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Swing View
Adjustable Control Option

Swing View
Adjustable Control Option

The Swing View adjustable control option is a pivoting, swing-up enclosure that allows the user to rotate the RampMaster II control to a comfortable viewing and programming angle. It's that simple.

Traditionally, kiln designs place the electronic controls in fixed positions on the kiln control panel. Viewing and programming is OK with these designs but not necessarily easy or comfortable. Evenheat has changed all that. The Swing View is designed to swivel freely between Vertical and Horizontal positions and can be secured at any position with the included thumbscrews. Viewing and programming are positioned at an angle that is comfortable for you.

The free Swing View option is available only on kilns equipped with the RampMaster II control. Those kilns are identified with the "RM II" prefix on their names.

To specify this feature, simply select the "Swing View" option when ordering your new kiln. We'll ship it factory installed!! (Part #11691.000)

For those of you who already own an Evenheat equipped with the RampMaster II, we've got you covered. We're offering a Retro-Fit kit that will convert your traditional flat mounted control to the new Swing View option. (Part #11691.010) Call to Order.


Swing View adjustable control in action.




The RampMaster II control is fully functional at any viewing and programming angle. Swing it up for easy programming and move it back to the vertical position while running if you wish. Or swing it up and leave it there. The choice is yours.

Never before has viewing and programming of your kiln been easier and more convenient.



GTS 2541 shown with Swing View adjustable control






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