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Rampmaster II
Handheld Controller

RampMaster II
Handheld Control Option

The time has come to get off your knees, stand up straight and program your kiln in comfort! The new RampMaster II Handheld Option takes the controller off the kiln and puts it in your hands where it belongs. That's right: eye level, comfortable position, easy to use, right in front of your face, perfect. Oh, and when your done, just hang it on the wall.

This option is available only on RampMaster II equipped kilns.

To specify this feature, simply select the "Handheld Controller" option when ordering your new kiln.. We'll ship it factory installed!! (Part #11690.000)

For those of you who already own an Evenheat equipped with the RampMaster II, we've got you covered. We're offering a Retro-Fit kit that will convert your control to handheld. The kit is super simple to install, so have no fear. (Part #11690.010) Call us to order.  


Handheld Controls in Action

Handheld Connected to RM2 1822

Handheld Connected to GTS 23-9

Both images above show the Handheld nestled securely in the provided wall mount bracket. You have the option of leaving the controller in the bracket or removing it to program. A simple "lift up and away" free's the controller from the bracket. Setting it back in is just as easy.

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