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Viewing Windows


Viewing Windows

Keep an eye on your glass firing without having to peek through an open lid. Order your next Evenheat Glass kiln with our 2"x4" viewing window. They're amazing and they work great. Available only as a factory installed option on the Hob Shot Kiln.



The viewing window is currently available, as an option, on the Hot Shot Kiln.

Our viewing window is designed for applications up to 1800F (982C) non-continuous. That means all glass firing up to this temperature is absolutely acceptable. The viewing window is not designed for higher temperatures into the ceramic/porcelain/glass crucible range. The viewing window is available only on glass firing kilns.

Heat loss is greater at the viewing window than heat loss through the firebrick or fiber. Use care when approaching for viewing. Also, in the case of the Hot Box with Viewing Window, do not use the lid with viewing window as the base. Excessive heat loss at the window may harm the supporting surface. Replacement lids without viewing windows are available.

Hot Shot Lid with Viewing Window


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