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Cress Clean Air Exhaust System


The Clean Air Exhaust System is an available option on most of the 'E' and 'FX' Cress kiln models..

The Cress Clean Air Exhaust System is a multiport venting mechanism that is part of the kiln control panel. Even temperature distribution throughout the kiln is made possible through this system. Fresh air is drawn into the kiln through the lid and gasses and fumes are vented out through holes positioned throughout the kiln.

This venting system removes unpleasant fumes from the room while drawing fresh air into the kiln. The even heat distribution and the removal of glaze vapors produce more vivid, brighter colors by minimizing glaze cross-contamination. Since the system exhausts fumes and gasses from all levels of the kiln, not just the bottom, air is circulated more evenly and the temperature remains constant throught the kiln. Features include stopping fan at pre-set temperature and restarting at 1000º F to gently cool to 140º F, when it turns off for unloading. You get a little quicker cool down with the best annealed and strongest pieces possible.

Price: $595

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