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Cress Kiln
B1414T Manual
E1414 Automatic

B1414T / E1414

The B1414T (manual) and E1414 (automatic) kilns are 7-sided having an inside area of 1.38 cubic ft. The inside dimensions are 14.38" wide by 13.5" deep. Brick thickness is 2.5". The manual kiln runs on 220 volts, 16 amps. The automatic kiln runs on 220 volts, 22 amps and you can also get an automatic that runs on 208 volts. The automatic kiln also has the option of having two sections instead of one..

The B1414T (manual) uses a variable temperature control knob.This kiln uses the Dawson Kiln Sitter with Limit Timer to shut off the kiln when the desired temperature is reached.

The E1414 (automatic) uses a computer module to control temperature and timing.

These kilns will fire up to 2350° F cone 10.

These kilns include an extra strong locking lid brace and hinge. They have a steel safety bottom plate, instruction manual, peephole plug and two position lid venting prop.

These kilns have many uses. Since they will fire up to cone 10, they are good for glass, ceramics, porcelain, stoneware, etc. Three year factory warranty.

Kiln Specifications
Inside Dimensions: 14.38" wide x 13.5" deep, 1.38 cu ft
Shipping Weight: 110 lbs
Max Temp: 2350° F Cone 10
Electrical Specs: 220 volt 16 amp
Options: B1414T - none
E1414 - Single or Sectional Design
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Options Retail Your Price Quantity
B1414T Manual Kiln
220V, 16 Amp
2.5" Brick
$899 $719
E1414 Automatic Kiln
220V, 22 Amp
2.5" Brick
$1188 $950
Sectional Kiln Design
(2 sections) for the
E1414 Automatic Kiln
FKHEPTA Furniture Kit   $72

B1414T Manual Kiln

E1414 Automatic Kiln

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